Custom Paint & Body Work

Your vehicle’s paint is what prevents your vehicle from deteriorating and rusting.

Some people think that once you purchase a new panel for a vehicle it is ready to be painted. Unfortunately, that is not necessarily the case. Even when replacing your damaged panels, many new parts need to be straightened and their gaps filled, which becomes a very time consuming process, yet necessary to achieve a beautiful paint job.

The paint process itself is a multi-step procedure. Multiple layers are applied to the vehicle so the paint looks like new and lasts a long time.

The following are some of the layers applied to all vehicles we restore:

• The primer is the coating layer that protects the vehicle from corrosion, rust, etc. It also smoothes out irregularities on the surface of the vehicle.

• The base coat establishes the aesthetics by giving the vehicle a layer of color. Our base coats won’t fade for many, many years, and the color of your vehicle will stay vibrant.

• The clear coat is the top coating layer that protects all other layers. Day after day it withstands acids, sunlight, rain, and beatings from normal wear and tear. The clear coat also endows your car or truck with the shine of a new vehicle.

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